March 18, 2021

I don't get asked to draw many cats, so when I do, I really enjoy it. I just love Lola's eyes here. So bright and alert!

She's very thick furred, and grey too, which is a tricky colour to not look flat. Also even trickier to photograph, I found out. My camera had a helluva time with it. In the end I had to tone the saturation right down, and change the levels so that I could get a copy that was half-way towards what I was actually seeing with my eyes. 

The trouble with greys (warm greys in this instance) is that they can be really flat. They only really come alive when next to or surrounded by contrasting colours.  Thankfully, Lola has a bright tabby tummy, and some lovely flecks of it across her face, so despite some initial worries from me (and my camera) she looks stunning in the final result. Which you can now see in my gallery.

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