Beautiful portraits and bespoke creations

You will not find a price list for my commissions here.  I prefer to work with you to understand your needs and expectations first.



To start the process of booking your portrait, all you need to do is get in contact. There are many ways to do that, including here, Facebook and Instagram.

We can talk about what you would like, including what medium, what size and when.

I will give you a price based on our discussion.

I will then ask you to send me the photograph, or selection of photographs, that you want me to use for the portrait. 

Please read the section below for important information about photographs.

I will check the quality of the photographs, and if acceptable, I will then create a digital mock-up that will help to illustrate how the final piece will look, including a choice of coloured backgrounds.

Once we have agreed on that, you will be required to make an initial payment, currently 30%. This payment is completely refundable up to one week prior to the agreed start date. 

Once I have started, I like to provide regular photo updates so you can experience the making of your portrait as it happens. This also provides us both with an important opportunity to ask questions.  Most of my clients really enjoy this aspect and love to see the behind the scenes aspects.

The balance of the cost will be requested prior to completion and must be made in full within 7 days of request. Your portrait can not be released until full payment is made. I'm sorry, but cheques are not accepted.

You may request changes prior to my starting work, but not after. Changes may affect the price. (excludes minor alterations for likeness adjustment)

Please read below for important information about photographs, and the Terms and Conditions.



Coloured Pencil, Watercolour, Graphite and Pastels

I am pleased to be able to offer portraits in a variety of finishes. I will try to explain the differences and hopefully help you to choose how you want your portrait to look.



Highly detailed best quality

Drawn on Clarefontaine Pastelmat with professional quality, lightfast pencils, these portraits are beautifully realistic whilst maintaining a slight painterly style. 

Best suited to really clear, bright, in-focus photographs.



Subtle yet Powerful

Painted using Windsor and Newton professional watercolour pigments on Arches Cold Pressed paper 300gsm.  This paper is textured and gives a wonderful finish to the piece.

The effect of the watercolour is more subtle, since not every hair is painted.  It will suit older photographs, slightly out of focus or smaller sized JPEGs.



Not as simple as it looks

Drawn using Faber Castell 9000 series and Mars Black Lumograph pencils on Windsor and Newton Smooth Bristol Board, these portraits are highly detailed but highly rewarding.

Really excellent for skin textures on this smooth surface. The pencil is layered and each layer is blended to create those soft tonal changes. The time taken and level of detail is the same as the coloured pencils.

Best with good quality photos. Can be black and white photo too.

Price is the same as coloured pencils.

Bobek Tabby Pastels


Pigments that POP!

I use a combination of Carbothello Pastel Pencils and Sennelier soft pastels to paint these colourful realistic portraits onto pastelmat.

Sennelier soft pastels are practically pure pigment, so the colours are much brighter!   My style is realistic, but I push the painterly aspect a little further with these.

Great for most quality photos...the better the photo, the better the portrait though!

Prices are the same as watercolours.



For commissions I work solely from your photographs. Here are a few important things to know before you send yours.

  • LIGHT- ensure the photo is well-lit, preferably with natural daylight. A good test is in the eyes; can you see their colour? Do they have a reflection?  If not, its likely too dark.

  • POSE - The subject must be large in the frame. An unusual angle, or interesting expression will make for a unique portrait. Pick one that suits their character.

  • QUALITY - Your photo MUST be in focus and taken with a decent camera. Modern mobile phones above 10MP are usually fine.

  • DOWNLOADS - don't download from social media sites as they squash the original file size. Better to find the original.

  • COPYRIGHT - Only send photos you have taken yourself, unless you get written permission from the photographer to use it.



Read this before booking

  • You have looked at my gallery, or my previous work and understand that the style and quality of your painting will be similar.

  • You agree to pay an initial 30% at the time of booking.

  • You understand that changing the details agreed for your commission may result in additional cost.

  • You agree to pay the balance of the cost within 7 days of request.

  • All rights to the produced artwork belong to me and do not transfer upon payment. You may not reproduce the artwork for any purpose without written permission from me. 

  • In the even of non-payment, I may use the artwork as I wish.