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Beautiful portraits and bespoke creations

Prices given are mainly for guidance.  I prefer to work with you to understand your requirements so that you feel part of the process.




To start the process of booking your commission, all you need to do is get in contact. There are many ways to do that, including Google, Facebook, Instagram and of course the 'contact me' button below.

Talking through your ideas and fleshing out the details is important for both of us. I want you to feel part of the process. I also need to understand your requirements and expectations.

You will be asked to send me photographs, or a selection of photographs, that you want me to use (where applicable). 

Please read the section below for important information about photographs

I will check the quality of the images and, if I can use them, I will then create a digital mock-up for you which will help to illustrate how the final piece will look. I may produce a few variations for you to pick from.

Once we have agreed on the details, I can give you a full quotation that will not change (except where alterations are requested that materially increase the number of hours it will take to finish). You can check the price guide below for a general idea, but your price may not match this exactly.

I require an initial payment of 50% to be made at the point of booking. This is completely refundable up to one week prior to the agreed start date. 

Once I have started, I like to provide regular photo updates so you can experience the making of your portrait as it happens. This also provides us both with an important opportunity to ask questions.  Most of my clients really enjoy this aspect and love to see the behind the scenes aspects.  I also like to post updates on social media as this helps me to secure further work.

The balance of the cost will be requested at the half way stage and must be made in full within 5 days of request. Your artwork can not be released until full payment is received. I'm sorry, but cheques are not accepted.

You may request changes prior to my starting work, but not after. Changes may affect the price. (excludes minor alterations for likeness adjustment)

Please read below for important information about photographs, and the Terms and Conditions.


Coloured pencil artwork

I want to ensure that your commissioned artwork is of the highest quality, so although I work in many mediums, I am currently only offering commissions in coloured pencil.
All prices shown are just for guidance. A full quotation will be given after more detailed discussion and understanding of your expectations.



I love drawing your animals. These are always so rewarding, as well as a bit emotional. I like to get to know the animal a little before really getting into it as I believe that my knowledge can help me to show their character, and ultimately give you a portrait that you can really say is perfectly them!
I can also include prints and cards of the finished portrait for you to give away.

8x8" = £250
10x10" = £275
8x12" (A4) = £300
10x14" = £350
12x16" = £400



Drawings of a special location, such as a wedding venue can evoke so much more than a photograph.  I can work with your photos to create a lasting memory that you can hang on the wall to enjoy every day.  Perfect as a special gift, I can also include prints of the finished piece for you to give away.

8x12"(A4) = £400
12x16"(A3) = £600
Larger sizes are available on request.



Wedding bouquets, table decorations, a single rose, or just a lovely bunch of flowers from that special someone you want to remember forever. 

I will reproduce your photographs into highly detailed realistic artworks that you can enjoy for decades.

Or you can commission me to obtain the flowers you want to see and let me design and photograph and draw your perfect arrangement!

8x12"(A4) = £500
12x16"(A3) = £750
Larger sizes are available on request.



Coloured pencils are perfectly suited to creating a wonderful likeness of a loved-one. I will copy your favourite photograph and turn it into a beautiful artwork that can take centre stage.

Prices start at £250 without a background or £350 with.

Blue octopusscan_edited.jpg


Yes, this is a blue octopus :-) 
If you have a photo, or an animal that you love, get in touch and we can discuss in detail.

8x8" = £250
10x10" = £275
8x12" (A4) = £300
10x14" = £350
12x16" = £400

Butterfly cards main


I really enjoy drawing colourful and fun things. No subject is off-limits, so long as its legal. 
For a truly bespoke and original creation, get in touch about what you are thinking, and let's create it together!

From £300


For most commissions I will work from your photographs. Here are a few important things that I need to be able to work from a photo.

  • LIGHT- ensure the subject is well-lit, preferably with natural daylight. A good test is in the eyes; can you see their colour? Do they have a reflection?  If not, its likely too dark.

  • POSE - The subject must be large in the frame or it will pixelate when I zoom in. An unusual angle, or interesting expression will make for a unique portrait. Pick one that suits their character.

  • QUALITY - Your photo MUST be in focus and taken with a decent camera. Modern mobile phones are usually fine. Clean the lens before taking a phone photo, it makes a big difference.

  • DOWNLOADS - don't download a photo from social media sites as they squash the original file size and I cant zoom in for details. Better to find the original if you still have it.

  • COPYRIGHT - Only send photos you have taken yourself, unless you get permission from the photographer to use them.

Harvest Mouse.jpeg


Please read this before booking

  • You have looked at my gallery, or my previous work and understand that the style and quality of your artwork will be similar.

  • You agree to pay an initial 50% at the time of booking.

  • You understand that changing the details agreed for your commission may result in additional cost which you must pay for.

  • You agree to pay the balance of the cost within 7 days of request.

  • All rights to the produced artwork belong to me and do not transfer upon payment. You may not reproduce the artwork for any purpose without written permission from me. 

  • In the even of non-payment, I may use the artwork as I wish.

  • I maintain the right to use any photographs of the artwork or its creation for marketing purposes.

  • Your details will be retained for future monitoring purposes solely related to Helen Carter Artist. (you can opt out). 

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