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Video Tutorials and Downloadables

Here you'll find recordings of previous online workshops, new video tutorials with full narration and written tutorials for you to print and join in at home. 

Fur on Film Pancho1

PANCHO = Fur on Film

Follow along as I draw the Purrfect Pancho in this 3-hour realtime video. 

Learn how to get the best out of the film and pencil combo, learn about pressure of your strokes, directionality and develop your textural voice.

Includes the eye, and all the fur you see here, fully narrated, and just a few pencils.


Fireworks on Black Paper

Grab your coloured pencils and black paper and follow these easy steps to create your own Fireworks Display!


FREE - Downloadable PDF for you to keep digitally, or print at home.


Snowdrops on Black Paper

From the initial sketch, to the signing of your masterpiece, I take you through the full process at a slow and easy pace.  Enjoy 3 hours of real-time footage with chapters to help you navigate and full narration with tips and tricks along the way.

You can download the reference image, and see a quality scan of my finished piece to help guide you.

Workshop Rose_edited_edited.jpg

Flourish with Florals workshop

Enjoy 8-hours of realtime drawing at your own pace with constant narration explaining what I am doing, how I'm doing it and why.  


You'll be able to download the original reference photo, colour chart and my own completed drawing in high resolution for reference. 

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