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This original miniature acrylic painting captures the delicate beauty of a solitary wood sorrel flower, making it the perfect choice for that small empty space on the wall! 

The modern yellow frame complements the natural colors of the painting, adding a touch of contemporary style to the piece.

Measuring only 2 x 2 inches, the perfect size for this tiny flower, this framed original artwork is a lovely representation of the simplicity and elegance found in nature. Whether you have a passion for foraging or simply appreciate the beauty of tiny flowers, this Wood Sorrell painting is sure to bring a little smile. 

Wood Sorrell - Framed Original Miniature Acrylic Painting

  • Miniature Acrylic Painting on a 2x2inch (5x5cm) canvas.

    Sold with the Mustard coloured frame, double spaced mounting and deep blue backing board, as shown.

    Frame dimensions : 6.5x6.5x0.75inches (16.5x16.5x2cm)

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